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How to Earn Money from Facebook

The best and easy way to earn money from Facebook

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Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows users to create a profile, upload videos and photos, send messages and keep touch with friends, family, and colleagues. This site is available in 37 different languages, including public features like Marketplace, Groups, Events, Pages etc. There are some ways to make money from facebook.

How to Earn Money from Facebook?

Here are some ways to earn money from Facebook

1.Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a free facility offered by the social networking website. It allows you to list various deals; items and services to promoting them directly within the Facebook community.

2.Affiliate Marketing on Facebook:  Affiliate marketing is a system where you can promote a product, service, brand or company through a Facebook group or page to your contacts. Thousands of merchants including Flipkart, Amazon, VCommission, and many others pay you to promote their products.

3. Advertise Your Business on Facebook: Facebook has emerged as the single largest common platform where every business from home based ventures to the largest banks and consumer’s goods companies have a presence.

4. Create Facebook Content: People who have unique knowledge or skills facebook encourages them to take time and create digital content that can be sold through an app called 22social.

5. Earn by Selling Likes: The most debatable way to make money with facebook. There are forums that support selling ‘likes’ for facebook page while others deem the system as illegal.

6.Influencer Marketing on Facebook: People who have a large following on Facebook Influencer marketing is not for them. Majority of people do not permit people to ‘follow’ them on Facebook because their content can land them in danger. It basically deals with sensitive issues like politics and religion.
facebook, earn money from facebook, how to earn money from facebook

How to Make Money Online Through Facebook?

Here are some ways to make money online from Facebook

1. Earn from Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads is a facility that can be extended by the social media giant to individual and corporate users. It allows you to create and post advertisements of various sorts that target a specific group of people based on locations, age, and other demographic parameters. If you have a small business which is home-based, you can make money by advertising through Facebook. Additionally, you can also offer to post advertisements on behalf of businesses who wish to remain anonymous. Different large companies looking at hiring staff do not divulge their identity.

2. Manage Facebook Accounts: Managing the social media accounts, especially Facebook page of a celebrity or a company is very lucrative work from home option. You can find online there are scores of social media management jobs. These jobs require you to manage Facebook pages can be done fulltime or even part-time to make extra money. They are advertised under different types of designations like Social Media Manager, Facebook Assistant, Social Media Specialist, and myriad others.

3. Facebook Groups: People can open group pages on Facebook for different reasons. There are two categories of facebook groups- one is ‘open’ group and another one is ‘close’ group. In ‘open’ group people can join anytime and in ‘close’ group where membership is by invitation or application only. Opening a Facebook group enables you to work micro-influencer, political party or business.

An easy way to Earn Money from Facebook at home

When you are planning to earn money at home from facebook this is really important to everyone the way you want to earn money

Direct Advertising: A small business can post advertisements directly to a regular Facebook page to attract customers. These can about employment, classifies, services and products. There are lots of job seekers also browse Facebook pages of companies to find employment opportunities.

How to Make Money through Facebook videos and App?

Through the Facebook monetization policy that encourages businesses to create and host video content on the network. The new system relies heavily on Facebook’s suggested video feature which shows content similar to the video the user just watched and after watching a couple of videos users will see an ad which is similar to the pre-roll ads one would see in a YouTube playlist. Unlike the other kinds of videos, these ads will have sound on.

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