What Is Hashtag - Best Way To Use Hashtags On Twitter, Youtube, Instagram 2018

What Is Hashtag - Best Way To Use Hashtags On Twitter, Youtube, Instagram 2018

Hey guys how are you Today? Guys in this article I will tell what is hashtag and Best Way To Use Hashtags On  Twitter, Youtube, Instagram. Freinds in today's time if we post something on Instagram, facebook or twitter we always add some tags like #happy #cool #summer and more. 

Then what is the purpose of these tags? why we use only the pound symbol(#) instead of % or*.  So in this article, I have cleared all doubts about hashtags. Read the article and know what is hashtags, How to use hashtags on Instagram, How to use hashtags on Twitter, How to use hashtags on Youtube and  Best Way To Use Hashtags On  Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc.
What Is Hashtag -How To Use Hashtags On Various Social Media Platforms Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
What Is Hashtag & How to Use Hashtag on youtube, Instagram, Facebook

Why we use the Pound symbol(#)

This pound sign has much importance in programming languages like c, c++ and more. In the chat application, we use hashtags to define chat room or groups. A hashtag was first used in 2007 on twitter. In 2009 Twitter has added a hyperlink in hashtags. when someone clicks on that hashtag you can easily filter the twits through hashtags. 

A Hashtags is a phrase or word made with the combination of two words Hash and Tag. The symbol of hash is pound #. and the tag represents a phrase or word. That is #phrase. Hashtags were first used on Twitter in 2007. In 2011 Instagram started to use hashtags. In 2013 Facebook has started to use the hashtag. In 2016 hashtags were used on youtube. In recent days brands had also started using hashtags to convey their message and to increase their reach. The hashtag is an interesting and popular tool and also beneficial for us

In recent youtube has launched a new feature that you can add hashtags in the title and description of the video to rank in the youtube search.  Hashtags became popular in 2013. Now hashtags are used on all social platforms like facebook Instagram, twitter etc. Hashtags represent the theme of a content or we can say that the hashtag is a label of content. Hashtag symbol used to identify a popular event or particular topic. The craze of hashtags on all the social sites increasing day by day. 

We use hashtags on social networks like Instagram twitter facebook. Instagram easily find information about that certain topic.

Understand what is Hashtags? 

1. What is hashtag: 

Before using hashtags you need to know what is a hashtag. The hashtag is a phrase or word made after the sign of pound #. The main purpose of hashtags is to categorize the content. when someone clicks on that hashtag or search for that particular hashtag, the user can easily view all posts regarding that particular hashtag.

  • Let's take an example, I would like to post something about nature or pictures of nature and writing #beautifulnature. This hashtag will add your picture to the website's collection of beautifulnature based posts

2. Purpose of Hashtag: 

When you use a hashtag in your post people will be able to see you post if they search for that particular hashtag that you have used in your post. It means that if you use hashtags related to your posts. It will increase the audience who can interact with your post.

3. Reasons For Using Hashtag:

There are many reasons to use hashtags. Some Important uses are given below: 

  1. Increasing Post Engagement: As you know that the main purpose of hashtags is to categorize the content. when someone searches for that particular hashtag, the user can easily view all posts regarding that particular hashtag. Let's take an example of trending social media platform like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook. On Instagram adding a hashtag in your post will increase the likes and comments as well as on youtube and facebook.
  2. Marketing: Use hashtags of your brand name or phrase or sentence to promote your marketing. 

Hashtag Rules

1. Don't give spaces in hashtags:

Don't use space, dashes, underscores while adding hashtag on your posts. If you use, space or underscore in a hashtag. all the words used in hashtag will clump together. Let's take an example that I am using a phrase cool weather. The correct use of this phrase is "#coolweather". Don't use spaces and underscores. Incorrect use of this phrase #cool weather. So never use spaces and dashes in hashtags.

2. Use small and Relevant Hashtags:

Use small hashtags, Don't use sentences in hashtags. If you use long sentences and phrases as hashtags on your post, your post will get very less reach and less likely it is to be discovered. Use small hashtags like #coolweather #freindsforever #beautifulnature #socialmedia. Your tags should be relevant. Let's Take an example that you are posting a photo of ice cream with a hashtag "#coolcoffe. This is irrelevant to your post. 

3. Don't use too many tags:

Using too many hashtags in your post is not good. Use 2 or 3 hashtags. You can start using your own hashtag to make a brand or event. Use a few of your favorite hashtags related to your post.

Use of hashtag:

The hashtag is actually a tagging system especially for social platforms like Google plus twitter, facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

1. How to use hashtags on Instagram: 

Hashtags are very effective on Instagram as it increases the audience who can interact with your post. These hashtags will help you in increasing engagement. On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post according to the Instagram hashtag policy. But the excess use of hashtag makes your post look bad. Use two or three relevant hashtags related to your posts. Use trending hashtags so that your post get more exposure and reach.

2. How to use hashtags on Twitter:

The hashtag was first used in 2007 on twitter. It was the first social media platform who popularize the hashtags. Hashtags are very impactful on twitter as it hooks the others in conversations. Use popular hashtags, if you want to get trending hashtags to look at topic trending section on twitter you will get many popular and trending hashtags that you can use in your posts. According to deep research best use of hashtags seems to be one or two.

3. How to use hashtags on Youtube:

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. On youtube users upload 300 hours of video in every minute It means that on the platform of youtube there is a lot of audios and videos with huge talent. Hashtags play an important role in ranking of youtube videos. You can use hashtags ion titles, description and tags section. Don't use Overtags. Make sure you follow the youtube policies regarding hashtag. Don't use irrelevant or misleading tags 

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