What Are Suwidha Centres - Benefits Of Suwidha Centres 2019

What Are Suwidha Centres and Benefits Of Suwidha Centres 

Hello guys Today in this article I will tell you What are Suwidha Centres and Benefits Of Suwidha Centres. Guys stick with this article. The benefits of Suwidha Centres are enormous. Suwidha centers are one-stop help centers for rural as well as urban citizens.

The full name of SUWIDHA is single user-friendly window disposal and helpline for applicants. Suwidha centers have been started to provide facilities to citizens by capturing the input at a single point.
What Are Suwidha Centres - Benefits Of Suwidha Centres
What Are Suwidha Centres - Benefits Of Suwidha Centres

Suwidha centers are developed by NIC with an aim to provide citizens with convenience. The full name of NIC is National informatics Centres.  These Suwidha Centres provide citizens with services at the point. However, the service might be related to another department. Citizens definitely get a result in an effective manner and quick.

Suwidha centers were started in 2005 to provide single point receipt and delivery of different services. The payments for the particular services are also accepted at these centers. According to my knowledge in 2014 October, there were 110 Suwidha centers. These Suwidha Centres were operational. These centers provide near about 30 public services at district as well as the sub-district level

Suwidha centers work as a real problem solver for the citizens. Otherwise, citizens have to face many problems that need to visit various departments of government to get their work done. Providing Suwidha centers in the village give the people residing in those areas a greater edge.  Citizens of villages now can easily use the services of Suwidha Centres without traveling far.

These centers are available in urban as well as rural areas. Punjab is one of the most technological states in our country. Being rich and diverse state Punjab has a literacy rate of 74.94% and this is used to make the government work efficiently and effectively. Suwidha centers provide services to citizens with the 30 different departments. To reduce the corruption and to check the working condition, In each Suwidha Centres, there is television and camera.

Benefits Of Suwidha Centres :

  1. Suwidha centers provide the best quality services to the citizens.
  2. Suwidha centers save the time of citizens.
  3. Submission of application/ service request takes place on the same counter.
  4. People get awareness about the services about the service launched by the government.
  5. Capturing of the photo at the time of applying for the driving license.

Services Provided by Suwidha Centres: 

  1. Railway Reservation.
  2. Collection Of water Tax and Sewage Tax.
  3. Nagar Nigam paying house tax.
  4. Agriculture License.
  5. permission for loudspeakers.
  6. RTI application.
  7. NOC for Petrol Pump.
  8. Marriage-ability certificate.
  9. Marriage registration.
  10. NOC of the building plan.
  11. Delivery of cost services, driving license etc.
  12. Certificate of caste and residence proof.
  13. Pension for old age pension/ Widows/ Handicapped persons.
  14. Birth and death certificates.
  15. Registration of new vehicles.
  16. Attestation of Affidavits/ Documents.
  17. New supply for water connection.
  18. Suwidha centers collect BSNL Bills.

So, Guys, these are the benefits of Suwidha center. 

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