6 Genuine Part Time Jobs From Home That Make You Rich In 2018 - Genuine Part Time jobs for students

Part time Jobs For Students 2018

Hey, Guys in today blog I am going to tell you The 6 Genuine Part Time Jobs From Home That Make You Rich In 2018. However, it is online or offline. 6 Genuine part-time jobs from home by which you can make a huge amount of money. As you know that there are too many frauds on the internet. But in this article, I will tell you the 100% trustable and Genuine Part Time job for students. And people are making lakhs from these part-time jobs.

6 Genuine Part Time Jobs From Home
6 Genuine Part Time Jobs From Home That Make You Rich In 2018


The 1st Genuine Part Time job for students is Blogging. Yes, blogging is the  Genuine Part Time Job. You can create a website or blog and You can make huge money with blogging.  Blogging is a platform where you can write and you can share your knowledge with others.

If you want to know how to make a website there are many tutorials on youtube. If we talk about how you will earn by blogging Google Adsense is will make you rich. When your blog qualifies the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. Google Adsense team will review your site if your site complies with their terms and condition.

Then you will get AdSense approval for your website through email. After getting approval you can place ads on your blog and you can earn money. People are making huge money on this platform. And blogging is the best part-time job for students.


The 2nd Genuine part time job from home is youtube. We all use youtube everyday. Did you know? that we can make money on youtube by uploading videos and monetization with advertisement pub ube. On youtube, you have to upload videos on any topic according to your interest. 

To get a huge amount of organic viewers Make videos on the trending topic that people are searching for. You can use Google Trends to see trending searches. Don't use duplicate content. Don't use the content of other creators without permission. Otherwise, you will take strict action with our channel.

Nowadays youtube is very strict with monetization. To monetize your channel you have to obey some rules and policies of youtube,  After getting the approval of Google Adsense you can earn Huge money. You can receive your payments directly through the bank. Youtube is also the 
Genuine Part Time job for students

Eligibility For Monetisation:
  1. You need 1000 subscribers on your channel.  
  2. 4000 watch time on your channel.
  3. Fresh content.

3. Freelancing-

Third part-time job is freelancing. A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services to clients. Freelancing is a flexible job you can work full or part time it all depends on you. Freelancing is the most trending topic in today's business society. Freelancing is more effective and efficient if we are serious about it. Freelancing is the  Genuine Part Time Jobs From Home That Make You Rich In 2018

Freelancing takes some time to succeed. It needs hard work and patience. Grow your name as a brand. Freelancer is an independent contractor, not an employee. All the controls of works would be in your hands. You can set your price for your services according to your gig. 

I want to tell you that in starting days do not set the high price. On the internet, there are several websites where you can provide your services. These websites of a wide range of projects content creator, graphic designer, writer, programmers, coders and more. It is the best way to earn money at home.

Freelancing websites-

  1. Fiver
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. Broxer
  5. College Recruiter
  6. Get a Coder

4. Photography:

Photography is also the best job for students. As you know we all have thousands of photos on our mobiles. But most people are not making money off of them. Now the question is that how you could make money with photographs. On the internet, there are many stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Istock, Adobe stock and more. Photography is a Genuine Part Time job for students

You can sell your photos on these websites.  Shutterstock is a most popular website for selling photos. You don't need to have any expensive equipments. As you know nowadays each phone have a good quality camera.  So you can take photos with your mobiles phone. For professional there are many websites to sell Top shots you captured to get good value for money.

I have selected the top 5 websites, those who have high pay rates.
  1. shutterstock
  2. istock photo
  3. alamy
  4. Photoshelter
  5. Fotolia
These Five websites are very popular for selling photos. If you want to sell your photos These websites are best for you. You can earn huge money from these websites by selling photos.

5. Tutor Or Teaching jobs: 

In student life, it's very difficult to find a job that can provide a level of earning. If you are interested in a particular subject. Then you can offer Education workshops or classes it would be the best part-time job. Teaching jobs are very flexible.

You can set time for teaching classes once or twice a week Depending upon your schedule and course. You can work online or even a person. I want to tell you that online tutor makes less money as compare to person but the benefit of online is that you can teach from home. 

Teaching is the best and genuine way to make money. People make huge money with tuition workshops and classes. There are several options in this field that you can for school, college or university. 

6. Yoga Teacher: 

Yoga teaching or fitness instructor is also the Genuine Part Time Jobs. Many people work out in the early morning, after the completion of work or on the ends of the week. This way they have a huge time for a yoga educator or fitness coach to do whatever he or she needs to do.

A fitness coach or yoga instructor will charge you for working out in the exercise center. For yoga instructors, diverse studios pay in various ways for example with a rate of $25-$30 per class.  If you start private sessions based on personal client however as fitness coach or yoga instructor your pay will increase.

Its all depends on experience and where you live that you are living in the rural area or in the urban area. If you are living in the urban area you could make anything between 5000 rupees to 8000 rupees per session.   

Conclusion: So Guys these are the Genuine part time jobs by which you can earn huge amount of money. Hope you like this helpful article. 
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