10 Pro Tips To Grow A Youtube Channel You Need To Know In 2018

10 Pro Tips To Grow A Youtube Channel

Hey guys how are you today? Here are are the 10 pro tips to grow a youtube channel. This guide will help you to improve the growth if you want your youtube channel to be more popular and successful. Do it because you enjoy it not for the numbers. Stick with this article and know the 10 pro tips to grow a youtube channel. You must be passionate about it. Don't start a youtube channel for the wrong reasons.
10 Pro Tips To Grow A Youtube Channel
Pro Tips To Grow A Youtube Channel

Important tips to grow a youtube channel: 

1. Talent Or Skill-

The third one is very important to grow a youtube channel that you must have a good skill or talent in any field if you want your channel to be successful in future. Show your skills and talent in a creative way. I would say Don't expect for thousands of subscribers just follow your passion and your passion will definitely help you in the growth of your youtube channel.  As your skill or talent will grow you channel will definitely grow as well. Attract your audience to subscribe to your channel. More talent you are more people will like to subscribe to your channel.

2. Theme Or Niche-

The second thing you need to know is a theme or we can say that your niche. It really important to grow a youtube channel.  If you decided to upload technology and review videos then just upload technology videos, not random videos.  it's not good to upload random videos because people subscribed to your channel for a particular reason. 

As you very well known of What your audience like to see. People subscribed to your channel for tech videos, not for random videos. If you upload random videos your audience engagement will get disturbed.  If you want to upload a different kind of videos so you can have the different channel. I recommend you to create maximum2 channels. Don't put your everything on one channel. Upload videos according to your niche.

3. Unique And Relevant Name-

The third important tip is the unique and relevant name. I would recommend you to create a unique and relevant name for your youtube channel. Your channel name must be related to your theme or niche. You can also go with your real name or a nickname if you want to make your name a brand. You should try to avoid things like random numbers or letters don't add punch extracts unnecessarily.

4. Trending topics - 

Next important tip to get more and more views and draw a huge audience to your channel. Make videos on trending topics or current events. This would be really good things to grow a youtube channel. In this case, timing plays a prominent role.

 Let's take an example like you want to make a video on Christmas day, don't post Christmas video on Christmas day. Most the of people will watch your video after Christmas because on the day of Christmas all people will be busy with their work. Post your video in advance don't post on the same day. So be attentive and make your video on time according to the situation.
  1. 10 Pro Tips To Grow A Youtube Channel

5. Good Quality Content-

Next important tip is Good Quality Content. You need good video quality to grow a youtube channel. You can shoot videos with your smartphone. You don't need to have a camera or any accessory in the starting days. I would say your content must be unique and fresh so that you can impress your viewers. You don't need to have the heavy software.

 You can edit your videos in your smartphone in a very easy way. I have also written an article on Best video editing apps for android. Make something nice, make your content interesting so that people don't get bored. If you want your videos to get lakhs of views you need people to like your videos, share with friends and family. Your videos must be catchy and shareable so that people feel proud to share your content. 

6. Make an Attractive thumbnail:

Making an attractive thumbnail is also an important thing in getting more views. Try to make your thumbnail clear so that people click on your video and watch. Make sure your thumbnail should be related to your content. In straight words, you should not keep your thumbnail out of the video that your thumbnail is a bit more intense and content of your video is something else. Always write the title of yours video same as in the video content Don't Write spam title. 

7. Your personality:

when you are speaking to your viewers talk like that you are talking to your loyal friends don't talk in a dull voice. Speak clearly and energetic it will make people watch your video without skipping. It's very important for a youtube to increase audience retention. If you are showing your face I mean if you are making facecam videos its very good thing. It definitely helps in getting fane because people are curious to know the person behind the voice.

8. Avoid reading script:

It's a very important tip that while shooting video avoid reading directly from a script. I want to tell you when making videos by reading scripts it doesn't sound natural and clear. You need to make it conversational and natural not ordinary.

9. Don't make your videos too long or too short:

Video duration also plays an important role. Make your videos between 10 to 12 minutes. Youtube algorithm choose to promote your videos in the recommended section based on watch time. longer the video more will be watch time. If people watch your 2 minutes of video it's not good and youtube will never promote your video. so try to make your videos little bit longer. But not too long so that people get bored.

10. Description and tags- 

SEO also plays an important role in the ranking of video in youtube search. SEO means to say search engine optimization. You need to Include appropriate description and tags in your videos. In the first 20 to 30 words of your videos' description write creative and informative lines about your video. 

Also, include your website or social links in the description. You can add tags up to 120 characters, use at least 20 tags. While tagging your video use unique and long tail keywords  There are also free tools you can use to find relevant tags to rank your videos in youtube search.
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