How To Be A Successful Youtuber IN 2018 Some Tips And Tricks to become a Youtuber

How to be a successful youtuber in 2018

Hey, Freinds Today In this article I will tell you how to be a successful youtuber. So Please stick with this article and I am sure this guide will help you to grow youtube channelThe main factor of the youtube channel is it's subscribers more the subscriber.
How To Be A Successful Youtuber
How To Be A Successful Youtuber 
Probably your video will be viewed by more people and due to this good revenue can be generated through ads by Google Adsense

How to grow youtube channel: 

1. Follow Your Passion- 

The first thing is that, why you want to come to YouTube? To earn money or to get famous. If you are just coming to YouTube to earn money then it would be absolutely wrong. If you have a passion for any trade just follow your passion Don't think about money. Guys If you follow your passion, then I am guaranteed with certainty that after a few months your channel will definitely grow. Just focus on your content don't think about money or earnings.  

How To Be A Successful Youtuber

2. Focus on Content- 

The second thing is your content To be a successful YouTuber.  Before you start the channel, think of what type of videos you will provide to your subscribers however funny or technology related. choose one category and make relevant videos. suppose if your niche is technology just upload technology related videos not funny or entertaining. Show your creativity to your audience. Your content should be unique and fresh so that audience retention will increase. And youtube will promote your video in the recommended section. Youtube is very strict with its term and policies of copyright and community guidelines. Also, obey the rules of youtube to become a successful YouTuber. 

3. Regularity- 

Regularity is a major factor in Growth of youtube channel. If you want to grow your youtube channel you have to main Regularity. You have to give 3 videos in a week or 1 video per day all this depends upon you how much time you have to make videos. Audience Attachment - audience attachment means to say. If someone comments on your video or have any inquiries you should reply to them with their solutions. So that your attachment between you and your subscribers will be maintained.

4. Don't Do Spamming -

This also a factor to be A  successful youtuber don't do spam. Means to say don't use clickbait formula. In straight words, you should not keep your thumbnail out of the video that your thumbnail is a bit more intense and content of your video is something else. Always write the title of yours video same as in the video content Don't Write spam title. If you use this clickbait formula and if someone flag your video your channel will get terminated by youtube So in the end please don't do clickbait. make an attractive custom thumbnail to attract people to watch your videos.

5. Force people to subscribe- 

This is very basic. In each video tell people to subscribe to your channel if they enjoyed your content. This is a powerful impact if you remind the people to subscribe to your channel. You should also tell why they should you subscribe to our channel. I would say for technology updates, android app reviews or entertaining videos depends on your channel's niche.
How To Be A Successful Youtuber

6. Name and logo-

The Channel name is the most important element for your youtube channel. If you want to make your channel of next level it's logo, About section and cover picture plays a prominent role. There are many websites like who will help you to generate an incredible name for your youtube channel. take an example like bbkivines I know that you all already known to this personALITY and I am sure you have laughed a lot on Bhuvan bam's videos. His channel name bbkivines is quite brandable. This will also cause the increase in subscribers and views.


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