Different Types of Formats For Videos And Audio Files 2018

Different types of formats for video and audio files

Hye friends how are you Today?. In this article, I will tell you the different type of format for videos and audio files. Have you ever wondered about different types of the format used in audio and video files? So in this article, I have cleared all doubts about different formats. stick with this article and know different type of formats used in audio and video files. 
Different Types of Formats For Videos And Audio Files

Audio Files:

An audio file is a record of captured sound that can be played any time. The sound is an arrangement of naturally analog signals. when sound is played signals are sent to speakers they are converted back to the analog signals that generate sound. there is 8 type of audio formats available. MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, PCM.

Types of Audio formats

1. AAC: The full name of AAC is advanced audio coding. AAC is designed to be the successor of MP3 format. This audio format is similar to the mp3. AAC made popular by Apple iTunes, Advanced audio coding is both lossy and compressed audio format. AAC audio format is accepted by Android, iOS, and gaming devices.

2. MP3: MP3 is formed by the Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG). MP3 is both lossy and compressed audio format. It is defined as the third audio format of the MPEG-1 standard. The smaller file size of mp3 means faster file transfers. in this format, less space is used for maintaining high audio quality. It is a common audio format for consumer audio streaming and playback of music in most audio players

3. WMA: Full form of WMA is window media audio. Window media audio is developed by Microsoft. the WMA is both lossy and compressed audio format. Window media audio is widely accepted by many types of portable media, few mobile devices, entertainment players and more. 

4. FLAC: The full name of FLAC is free lossless audio codec. FLAC is both lossy and compressed audio format. We can reduce FLAC file size about 40 to 50 percent smaller than the original file without compromising with audio quality. You will get absolutely high-quality audio.

5. ALAC: The full form of ALAC is Apple Lossless Audio Codec. ALAC is both lossy and compressed audio file format. Apple lossless audio codec shares many similarities with respect to the audio quality and file size. ALAC mostly used by those who using apple products. The sound quality of ALAC format is not affected after compression.

6. WAV: WAV is the standard digital audio format. WAV is also formed or developed by the Microsoft. The full name of WAV is waveform Audio Format. WAV is the main format used in Microsoft window system for raw files and typically uncompressed audio files. WAV is compatible with the window based system and variety of software applications.

7. AIFF: The full form of AIFF is audio interchange File Format. AIFF is used for storing audio files on Mac computers. AIFF is similar to the WAV. Audio interchange file format takes up some amount of digital storage space. AIFF provides original sound quality. It is best for archiving and editing. Audio Interchange File Format supports the variety of sample rates and bit resolution.

8. PCM: The full form of PCM is pulse code modulation. Pulse Code Modulation(PCM) was basically developed in 1939. PCM is the standard format for computers, CDs, digital telephones, computers and other digital audio applications. There is also a subtype of PCM that is Linear Pulse Code Modulation(LPCM).  These two terms are interchangeable because both the terms are similar. 

Video file format:

Video file format is for saving video data in the computer system. A video is mostly stored in compressed form. This category includes the huge type of video format as MP4, FLV,.MOV, AVI, MPG, WMV, 3GP and ASF

Types of Video formats: 

1. FLV: The full name of FLV is flash video format. flash video is playable with flash movie files. Practically these files are supported by each and every browser on every platform. Many televisions news channels are also using flash video on their websites to keep their viewers up to date all the time. FLV is the most common format found on the internet.

2. WMV Format: The full form of WMV is Window media video format. Wmv is the common format on the internet. This format is developed by Microsoft. window media video format is originally developed for internet streaming applications. The first version of this format was introduced in 1999. Videos stored in the window media format have the extension.wmv. Window media movies cannot be played on non-window computers without installing extra components.

3. MOV Format: MOV stands for quick time format. This file format was developed by Apple as a quick time player. MOV is the most common format used for storing video files. It is mostly used on the internet. for saving movies and video files. This file format is flexible and compatible with both Mac and Microsoft.

4. MP4 Format: This format has the large range of support for hardware devices like PSP and DVD players. This format is usually used to store visual streams and audios online. There are many media players which support this format in different operating systems. It expands MPEG to support audio, video, 3d content and low bit rate encoding.

5. ASF: Format: ASF stands for the advanced streaming format. ASF is a subcategory of window media video(WMV) format. It was developed for streaming and to support playback from digital media.  the advanced streaming format is considered as the extensible format of WMA and WMV. The big difference between ASF and MP4 is that small amount of video players are supported to ASF but MP4 format is supported by almost all players and devices.

6. 3GP Format: 3gp is the mobile phone video file format. the 3gp format is both audio and video format that was designed as a multimedia format for transmitting video and audio files. It is the most common format to capture video with the mobile phone and place it online. it is used on the 3g mobile phone and also can be played on 2g and 4g mobile phones. 

7. MPG Format: The full form of MPG is Moving Pictures Expert Group(MPEG). This format is often used for creating downloading movies and videos. It can be played by using Microsoft window player or Apple QuickTime player(MOV). 

8. AVI: The full form of AVI is audio video interleave. Avi is the most popular format among every user on the internet. Audio video interleave uses less compression. Most common video players that support AVI format are apple quick time player in windows as well as in mac, video LAN VLC  media player, Microsoft window player. 

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