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Best free photo editor for android

Hey, Guys, Are you looking for The Best Free Photo Editor. So I am here with 5 Best Free Photo Editor for Android. These applications will really help you if you DON'T have the computer right now and if don't own one. Stick with this article and enjoy. These Free Image Editor will give you a next level experience.
Free Image editor

Free Image editor for Android:

1. Snapseed- 

The 1st Best Free Photo Editor for Android I am telling about is Snapseed. In snapseed you get many filters then you can tune your image different sliders like shadow, highlights, ambiance saturation so all these sliders expect from an image editing software all are present. You can increase the structure sharpness. You can do a lot of things here. you can zoom in the images. play with the curve it has all the RGB curves as well. 

You also have presets for your curve know what's you are doing and adjust the curves and get a different look which you can get with a single click. You can rotate your image you can do all the basic stuff. You can also edit the particular selection of an image, for example, you can increase the brightness of a particular part. With a single click, you can transform your normal pictures into a next level pictures. You can download this free image editor by link blow.
Free Image editor

2. Lightroom-

The Next Best Free Photo Editor is Lightroom. Lightroom is a very incredible application. Lightroom is Free Image editor. When you use it you will get tons of options. Much more EASIER as compared to any other android application. You have a lot of things that you can implement to your images you can set the Gue, saturation,  brightness, you can target something much more good as compared to other Android applications. You have too many option yiu have presets. 

It is the same as that in the pc version. You can also copy the settings of one image to other image and then you can synchronize the settings. It's amazing. Lightroom also has it camera inbuilt you can take the images with that camera then you can edit your images in the camera app.
Free Image editor

3. Fotor- 

Fotor is again a Free Image editor for Android application. In this application, you will get many sliders you also get noise reduction noise reduction is very useful if you have color noise. If you have color noise you can use this android application.

 This is the best free photo editor. Here you find color saturation, hue, brightness that you find in another android application. You have some presets as well to play with. Yiu can change opacity as well. 

You can manage the presets if you want. Rest of all it is very much the same compared to the other android application. You will get different scenes to play with you will get noise reductions.  So yea Fotor is a good application for editing pictures
Free Image editor

4. Pixlr- 

Next Android App is Pixlr. Pixlr is a very good android app for basic editing. Pixlr is also a best free photo editor. This app has a new interface easy to find filters and effects to apply. A very useful tool in pixelating which allows you to blur any part of the image. You have a lot of things that you can implement to your images you can set the Gue, saturation,  brightness. Pixlr is the best image editor for android you can download this from google play store link below.
Free Image editor

5. Aviary -

Aviary is Free Image editor it offers great tools relatively to use package. Yiu can add frames to your pictures. For instance, Aviary has a one-tap enhance feature that does some color correction that does some basic brightness saturation adjustments to the pictures. It also makes ways to doodle in the picture apart from putting in the editing tools under the picture. You can download this app from google play store link is given below.
Free Image editor

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