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How To Approve Google Adsense Account For Your Website Or Blog IN 2018 Simple Tricks.

How to approve Google Adsense account:

Hello Guys in this article I am telling how to approve Google Adsense account for your website or blog. There are some policies of Google Adsense that you have to follow to get Adsense approval. 
Google Adsense is the world's biggest advertisement publishing company. We can earn money by placing ads on our website. To Place ads on your website or blog Adsense approval is needed. So Here are 5 Most important tips to Approve your AdSense account for your website or blog.

Approve Google Adsense for the website -

1. A Custom Domain-

First and the most important  Requirement to Approve your Adsense account is a custom domain. You must have a Top Level domain linked with your blog. Top Level domains like .com, .in ,.org. .netI personally recommend you to buy the .com domain. Because this domain is favorable for Adsense. Your domain must be SEO friendly means to say your domain must match with your niche. There are many websites where you can register your domain. You can register your domain from GoDaddy or big rock. These two websites are best and trustable. So you have to buy a custom domain to get Adsense approval for your website or blog.

2. Number Of Posts - 

Now the second condition to Approve Adsense account is number post on Your Website or blog To Get Adsense approval. You have to write at least 20  posts. the length of Your article should be between 500 to 700 words. To get Google Adsense approval you need to post good quality content. Your content should not be copied from other websites. if you copy someones content Adsense will reject your application. so please write fresh content. Keep in mind in each post must add 1 or 2 pictures to increase audience retention. Don't use copyrighted images. For copyright-free images, you can use the images of these five websites.
These websites provide royalty free images for free and you can use these images on your website or log.

3. Designing of Website

The third requirement to get Adsense approval is the design of your website. Keep on mind Design of your blog/website must be simple and attractive. Don't use the extra widget. There are many widgets. I recommend you to use only 5 widgets popular post, recent post, tags, social media, categories. Background of your theme must be white. There are many free blogger templates providing websites where you can visit and get free blogger templates. Keep in mind that your template must be simple.

4. Important Pages

To get Adsense approval you have to create 4 most important pages. During the review period Adsense always check the pages on your website. 
1. About.
2. Contact
3. Privacy policy 
4. Disclaimer 
These pages are very important to get the approval of Adsense.  In about page, you can tell about your study and your aim. There are many websites to generate privacy policy and disclaimer for your website so you can get the help of them to generate privacy policy and Disclaimer page. In contact us page, you can give your email id so that your viewers or audience can contact you in case they have any inquiries regarding your blog.

5. Proper navigation- 

Proper navigation also plays a prominent role to get Adsense approval. Your website must be properly navigated so that user can easily access your information. Menu bar must be properly managed and all the links of posts must be linked with the menu bar. Because this plays important role in ranking factor more the audience retention more will be ranking in google search. 

I hope you have cleared your all doubts regarding Adsense approval. If you fulfill these conditions I am sure of that Adsense will definitely give you approval.

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