9 Amazing Strategies To Increase Facebook Page Likes Very Fast 2018

Amazing strategies to increase facebook page likes

Hey, Guys, Today I am here with the 9 Amazing Strategies To Increase Facebook Page Likes. In this article, I will tell you how to Increase Facebook Page Likes without using Facebook ads. In this article, I have discussed How to get more the likes on the Facebook page in a Legal way.
 Increase Facebook Page Likes
 Increase Facebook Page Likes
You don't need to pay for the advertising. You don't need any budget to do these 10 strategies to grow facebook page. These strategies will get you engaged fans, comments, like your stuff and more. You don't need to buy facebook page likes. This will be the best ways to build up a huge fan base Facebook page for free without paying money in advertisements.

Strategies To Increase Facebook Page Likes:

1. Post engagement: 

Post engagement must be highest To Increase Facebook Page Likes. You must post several times like 8 AM, 12A 3PM, and 8PM. Those times engagement on the Facebook page is the highest you might also experiment with posting late night or very early in the morning like 6 AM.

 Test posting when your competitors are not online there will be very less competition and news feed for your fans there might less your friends online but when they came online they will see your stuff at first because of flawless competition. give your best time to post. so these are the results 8 AM, 12A 3PM AT 3PM you will get a huge amount of clicks on your stuff. 12PM is the time when you will get more shares. So definitely early morning afternoon, mid-afternoon is better to post. 

2. Re-upload facebook uploaded videos:

 The second most important strategy is posting mostly images and videos. but don't share youtube videos you can re-upload facebook uploaded videos. Pople loves facebook very much people don't want to leave Facebook. Always give an incredible caption with your post however you are posting the video or an image.

 The caption is the must so that you can attract people and get a lot of engagement. People leave the website because most of the pages promote products, youtube channels and paste the links with their post. people don't like links or promotions. Your updates must don't have links. This factor plays a prominent role in the engagement of people.

3. Post what get most shares and likes on Facebook: 

Third important strategy in the growth of Facebook page is to post what get most shares and likes on Facebook. We know that we need to post most of the images, uploaded videos, and statements things that don't leave people away from Facebook. this will get you more engagement on your facebook page.

 you can also ask people that what kind of stuff people love to share with friends on Facebook? People tend to share the things that they like to share and that they want their friends to know they believe in ore they like. If you posted a clot that will get you a lot of shares on Facebook.

4. Should be attractive: 

The fourth important strategy To Increase Facebook Page Likes is your page must be attractive and it should be completely filled out. Your page must have an incredible look so that visitor takes pride in following your page and explain page in the description what it's about. You need to fill out everything. You want to make sure that you are going through a professional looking profile picture. and must use the awesome looking cover photo. also, describe what type of your page is about business, blog, beauty or website. In your page, you must add your contact details like Instagram or WhatsApp so that people can contact you if they any queries or questions.

5. Facebook like box: 

The fifth strategy is You must add a facebook like box, menu or pop up on your website. Best one to collect likes on your page is to add a popup on your website. when someone visits your website popup will cover the page. To get access to your website visitor has To follow your page. This trick will get you more likes on your page.
 Increase Facebook Page Likes
9 Amazing Strategies To Increase Facebook Page Likes Very Fast 2018

6. Hashtags and Posting:

 The sixth strategy is don't post more than 3 times a day and keep in mind don't use over hashtags(use 3 hashtags). If you post more than two or three times a day your engagement will go down. So don't post more than 2 or 3 times a day and 6 to 10 times a week. never use unnecessary hashtags only use meaningful hashtags. According to the detailed study of Neil Patel too many hashtags leads to fewer interactions. So use only 2 hashtags per post.  

7. Invite your loyal friends: 

The seventh strategy is to invite your loyal friends to like your page. You can get your first hundred or thousands of likes. You can also invite if you have some email contacts to like your page. Facebook has a policy that you can change your personal profile to a Facebook page. Suppose you have 1500 friends in your friend list you can convert these friends into facebook likes. 

8. Do co-promotions:

The eighth strategy to To Increase Facebook Page Likes is  Do co-promotions with similar pages. co-promotions are very helpful to increase likes on facebook page. You can contact similar pages having the same conditions and similar content to promote your page you can say in return I will promote your page on my facebook page. It's really a great way for free promotion just by exchanging promotion with other fan pages. This strategy will help you very much in growth.

9. Relevant topics and trending news: 

Ninth and the last strategy To Increase Facebook Page Likes is to post relevant topics and trending news. On the right side of facebook webpage, you will get the trending section. This section shows that what people are talking about on facebook right now. Then you can use the hashtags for these trending topics in your posts. This way you will get huge traffic on your page. 

So, Guys, these are the 9 Amazing Strategies To Increase Facebook Page Likes Very Fast 2018
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