TOP 10 Richest Youtubers- Most Subscribed youtube Channels 2018

TOP 10 Richest Youtubers- Most Subscribed youtube Channels 

Hey, everyone, I am Gurpreet Today I am here with the list of top 10 richest youtubers of 2018. In this article, I will show you the list of richest youtuber on the platform of youtube. Stick with this article and know who earns most and which channel is most subscribed youtube channel.   

Richest & Most subscribed youtube channel-

10.Roman Atwood:

Coming in the Number 10 the popular YouTuber know as Roman Atwood. Roman Atwood is an American youtube personality. Roman Atwood is a comedian, vlogger and prankster. Roman has begun his youtube journey from many years. He is from Millersport, Ohio, united states. He started his channel On 12 August 2013. Now his popularity continuously increasing day by day. His blog channel Roman Atwood uploads almost every day. And due to this, his estimated Earning is $400000  to $700000$ per month. And between $5M to $9M per Year
  • CHANNEL NAME- Roman Atwood
  • TOTAL VIEWS-4,683,731,970

9. Brave Wilderness: 

At the number 9, part youtube star is Brave Wilderness. Brave Wilderness is one of the unique youtuber on the platform of youtube. Coyote Peterson is an American youtube personality and a wildlife educator. He is known for wildlife videos on youtube. His real and full name is  Nathaniel Peterson. He has also published books regarding wildlife, king of Sting. It is estimated that Nathaniel Peterson makes anything between $100,000 to $300,000 per month. And $2M To $3.5M Per Year.
  • CHANNEL NAME- Brave Wilderness
  • TOTAL VIEWS-1,917,964,448

8. Reaction Times:

Now coming to the number 8 youtube star is Tal Fishman known for Reaction Times on youtube. Reaction times basically is reacting to videos in the more entertaining way. He reacts to the popular videos on the internet suggested by his fans. He does fancy editing to make his videos more entertaining. Reaction times reach its first hundred thousand subscribers on 8 March 2016. Now he's earning $800,000 to $1000000  from youtube Per month and anything between 10M$ to $15M Per year

  • CHANNEL NAME- Reaction Times
  • TOTAL VIEWS-2,641,947183

7. Logan Paul:

Coming to the Number 10 the popular YouTuber Logan Paul he Has 6M Subscribers on his vlog channel. Logan Paul is an American actor, director, internet personality, rapper, and screenwriter. His famous single tracks are Santa Diss Track, help me help you and more. He is lives in long Angeles, California, united states. LOGAN PAUL makes $500000 to $8000000 Per month and anything between $6M to $10M Per year.
  • CHANNEL NAME- Logan Paul
  • TOTAL VIEWS-3,725,374,766

6. Popular MMOs: 

Now at the number 6 rich youtuber is Popular MMOs And otherwise known as Now the Popular MMOs gain his fame from the game mind craft like other many he does some challenges and reaction videos along with some gaming videos.  He has completed his 10 Million subscribers on 28 december 2016. It is estimated that he makes $7000000 to $1.2M Per Month and Anything between $8M To $15M Per year.
  • CHANNEL NAME- Popular MMOs
  • TOTAL VIDEOS- 4.1k
  • TOTAL VIEWS-11,294,993,714

5. Lele Pons:

Now at number 5, the youtube star is Lele Pons. Lele is the most popular female youtuber on the platform of youtube. Lele pons is a Venezuelan-American internet personality, Actress, and singer. She gained a huge following on youtube in a very short period of time she gains millions of views. Her full name is Eleonora Pons Maronese.  it is estimated that she makes near about $100000 to $300000 Per month and anything between $2M to $3.5M per year.
  • CHANNEL NAME- Lele Pons
  • TOTAL VIEWS- 1,613,767,627

4. DanTDM:

Coming to Number 4 the youtube star named DanTDM. His full name is Daniel Middleton. Daniel Robert Middleton is a British youtube personality. he is a professional gamer and author. He gained his fame from game mind craft. He is from  Aldershot, United Kingdom. it is estimated that he makes $800000 to $1.3M per month And anything between $9M to $15M per year.
  • TOTAL VIDEOS- 1.8k
  • TOTAL VIEWS-12,912,781,647

3. Dude Perfect: 

Now on the number 3 channel is Dude Perfect. Like Brave Wilderness, they too upload original content that isn't done at youtube because only a few other channels can actually compete with them. Due to this, they gain millions of views per video which is estimated to make them $400,000 to $700000 per month and anything between $5M to $8.4M per year
  • CHANNEL NAME- Dude Perfect
  • TOTAL VIEWS- 5,384,602,032

2. Guava Juice:

Now at the number 2 part is GUAVA JUICE. Roy Did build his fame base from challenge videos or DIY  videos. Since he has gained 10M Subscribers On his channel it is estimated that he makes $400000 to $700000 per month and around $5M to $ 9M Per year.

  • CHANNEL NAME- Guava Juice
  • TOTAL VIDEOS- 1.1k
  • TOTAL VIEWS- 4,140,297,561

1. Jake Paul:

 NOW At the number 1 Position in youtube star list is Jake Paul. Who is currently the most popular youtube on the platform of youtube. His full name is Jake Joseph. Jake Joseph is an American actor and youtube personality. He is from Calabasas  California united states. Each day his channel gained nearabout10M Global Views. and due to this, it is estimated to make  $700000 to $1.3M Per Month and anything between $9M to $15M per year
  • CHANNEL NAME- Jake Paul
  • TOTAL VIEWS- 4,392,613,842
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Wayne Flores
July 17, 2018 at 11:07 AM ×

Wow! Amazing List. but For me Roman Atwood is still on top with his motivational biography. Roman Atwood's net worth is also really huge.