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5 Best Ways To Make Money Online 2018

Best Ways To Make Money Online 2019

Hey, guys,Today I am here with the best ways to make money online. In this article, I will tell you how you can earn online in less time. Stick with this article and get the best ways to make money online. 


First of all the Best Way To Make Money Online is YouTube. A lot of people making huge money with the YouTube Or you can also earn such earn money online if you have a big channel. Your channel must have thousands or lakhs of subscribers and must you have active views on your channel to earn money. Your channel must have an excellent reputation in the market. Youtube has some policies and can follow a policy that allows you to apply for Google Adsense.                       
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As you have often seen, there is a lot of ads on YouTube. So Google Adsense gives money for those advertisements. Google Adsense is an advertisement publishing company And it is the best alternative to make money online.                  
Google Adsense runs different types of ads according to your content in your video ie. High CPC ads or low CPC ads. Some parts of your earnings keep YouTube and remaining you get. If you have an interest or passion in any stream. Whether it is health, entertainment, fitness, technology, cooking or education. Just follow your passion by making videos and it will pay you.

2. Affiliate Marketing -

Here the 2nd way to make money online is  Affiliate Marketing. What are the meanings of affiliate marketing like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, online shopping websites All these shopping websites have a program that is an affiliate program?  What happens in this program is that you have to refer someone. Like your friend, your relatives, you tell your relative about the products. For those products that are ready for purchase. If my relatives or friends patch same products with my generated Affiliated link. 
Then the companies like Amazon, snapdeal, Flipkart will give you commission like 5% or 7%. Different products to have a different commission. In the Purchase of products like accessories, or books companies give more commission as compared to other like 15% to 20%. This way you can earn online through affiliate marketing.

3. Website or Blog-

Now guys the 3rd One to make money online your Website or Blog. It's Very good if you have a Website or Blog. You can also run Google Adsense ads by following the policy of Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an advertisement publishing company. You can make huge money with this alternates google Adsense.                          
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You can add affiliate links of different products to your website.  You can tell your audience that you can purchase these products through these affiliated links. If some purchase product through your affiliate link you will get the commission from the company. 

4. Social Media-

Friends 4th, one is Social Media. Most of the people use social media to make money online. If you have a Facebook page or Instagram page have a good reputation in the market. And Have lakhs of followers and likes.and have the huge audience on your page. Then people will contact you for further promotion. So you can fix a rate of promotion. You can speak to your customer that for example, I charge 500 per post.                           
Fix the rate of promotion according to your followers and traffic. You can also add affiliate links on your page. And tell your audience that you can purchase these products through these affiliated links. These affiliated links will pay you.   People make huge money with social media. This is also a good way to make money online.

5. Android Application -

And the last one at the position of 5 is creating a professional android app to make money online. Now a day's there are many free websites By which you can create a professional looking Android app.
If you don't know how to create an app you can also watch the tutorial on youtube that will definitely help you to create an app at zero investment.
Generate some traffic and place Google Adsense ads in your app this way you can earn by creating an android app.


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