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How To Get Verified ON Instagram - How to get blue tick on Instagram account 2018

How To Get verified on Instagram:

Hye Guys in this article I am telling how to get verified on Instagram. So guys here are the three options and alternatives to get verified on Instagram which have come when it comes to starting with the Instagram verification process, So stick with this article and know to how to get verified on Instagram in a legal way.
                              How To Get Verified ON Instagram Account
You also have seen that the Instagram profiles having fewer followers are verified. How is it possible?  I have cleared all doubts in this article So Please read this till the end. And get Blue-tick on your Instagram profile.

Ways to get verified on Instagram.

So now I will talk about the 3 best and legal ways to get verified on Instagram. You can also verify your account by these 3 legal methods. The first method is that your account automatically verified by Instagram. The second is to contact a third party to verify your Instagram account and last method is employ of a digital agency. I have explained these three methods in detail as follow. 

1. Verified by Instagram: 

The most Usual alternative is that your Instagram account is automatically verified by Instagram. This possibility happens when you got millions of followers and a name in the market in a very short time. It usually happens with Celebrities or known figures where the Instagram already knows them. If a company or a brand having a good reputation and have popularity in the market. It comes in the first option. They will be automatically verified by the Instagram. In this type of case, we have an example recently a Malayalam actress Priya Varrier went viral with a wink. Her Instagram account got verified after her followers count shot up to over 1.4 million overnight.

2. Employ of a digital agency: 

THE SECOND option to get verified on Instagram is that suppose you are the employ of a digital agency and you want to promote your social media. So you can tell your company that I have to be validated on my Instagram. In this case, a digital agency has links to Instagram media support, Media agents. These agents directly contact the INSTAGRAM  for the verification process. This Verification process is of 72 hours. In this process, Instagram reviews your profile and takes a final decision, whether your account will be validated or not within 72 hours.

3. Contact a third party: 

This is the 3rd and last alternative for Instagram verification. You have to contact a third party who will help you in Instagram verification process in return you have to pay money for this process.  Or if you have personal contact with Employ of Instagram Company. Who may help you with the Instagram verification process?  As you can see that this Shopify_stockromm has only 3865 followers on Instagram and also have a verified Badge on his account. this 3rd option helped Shopify_stockroom to get verified by paying money.


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