5 Best Free Video Editor For Android 2018

Best Free Video Editor For Android-

Here is the 5 best free Video editor for Android for basic editing. With these video editors, you can explore your imagination and creativity in a simple way. 5 best free video editor for android 2018. Best editing apps for android 2018. Best free video editors for android 2018.
 Best Free Video Editor For Android

Best video editor for android-


" Made for professional easy for everyone " A power Yet the simple video editing tool. This video editor is the most efficient android app that you can use to present your imagination in a creative way. This is the only full-featured video editor for next level professional editing. It requires Android 4.1( jellybean) or above.

With This editor you are enabled to do trimming, cutting, multitrack audio, precise volume envelope, color filters, in animation, out animation, filters, color adjustments, speed control, clip graphic audio filter, vignette, zoom in zoom out, cropping Rotating and Mirroring, Hue brightness saturation controlS.  You can also do handwriting and audio recording in it.

  1. Precise frame by frame editing
  2. Audio filters and voice changers
  3. Instant preview for all edited project
  4. Many animation Styles
  5. Many text Fonts
  6. Many Transition
  7. Real-time video and audio recording
  8. Clip Graphics
  9. Blur and other Effects 
  10. It Supports multiple layers of  images videos
  1. Takes a very short time during exporting
  2. Free at all
  3. HD content
  1. Free Version of kinemaster Contains Watermark 


Kinemaster pro is professional video editor with extra features than that of the free version. It offers the unprecedented level of control over the mobile editing process and for Educators. Youtube creators, journalist short film producers and other professionals around the world.

Another impressive tool available only in the PAID version of kinemaster is the chroma key, exporting up to 4k resolution and it does not contain the watermark.   A well-designed interface with a great user experience and the wide range of potent features Use slick videos you make with kinemater to increase the reach and popularity of your youtube channel and become a youtube star

  1. Chroma key
  2. Audio filters and voice changers
  3. Instant preview for all edited project
  4. Many animation Styles
  5. Many text Fonts
  6. Many Transition
  7. Real-time video and audio recording
  8. Clip Graphics
  9. Blur and other Effects
  10. It Supports multiple layers of  images videos

  1. Exporting up to 4k resolution
  2. No watermark
  3. Full HD content

Best Free Video Editor For Android


Powerful but easy to use editing suite. Power director is also the best video editor for android with powerful timeline video editing, free video effects, slow motion, you can produce 4k movies. PowerDirector includes all of the necessary tools to get creative with your videos

  1. Slow motion
  2. Voice over
  3. action movie effects
  4. exporting 4K resolution
  5. FX Transitions
  6. trimming cutting and cropping
  7. pip overlays
  8. Adding TEXT in video
  9. Brightness, contrast, Saturation

  1. FREE
  2. No Watermark (IN BUNDLE VERSION)
Best Free Video Editor For Android


Filmora is the best free video editor ( Android )for basic editing. It requires Android 4.2 or above. It works well For adding Custom Music to your videos or multiple themes, adding Themes and making the beautiful attractive video. You can add filters, themes, titles, transitions, Overlays, elements, duplicate layers to your videos. 

You Can do next level editing with this video editor. You can also crop, trim or adjust the ratio of the video This android editing app has the basic selection of overlays and filters, like snowfall, bouquet and many more. 

It also has motion graphics elements. IT does not have the watermark.T his app does not add watermark to your videos, nor does it have the time limit for the editing of videos

  1. YOU Can add multiple layers
  2. It Has the themes filters, transitions, effects and many more things.
  3. you can add Titles to your videos
  4. TRIMMING, MUTE, DELETE and duplicate layers
  5. You can adjust Ratio of video before publishing
  6. You can translate the language up to 12 languages.
  7. Export up to 4k resolution

  1. Completely free ( ZERO PRICE)
  2. No Watermark
Best Free Video Editor For Android


Turn raw footage into flawless productions with ADOBE PREMIERE CLIP. Adobe premier clip is the best video editing app that creates quality videos. It has an immense potential.

Adobe Premiere has simple unintimidating controls and allows you to quickly string together segments of selected clips with music and transitions. It's for basic editing.

It delivers a relatively streamlined editing experience for people who want to quickly trim, assemble and export videos. It requires Android 4.4 or above

  1. Drag and drop clips
  2. Trimming, cutting,
  3. Slow motion effects
  4. Add visual polish
  5. transitions
  6. Smart volume smooth audio levels 
  7. Custom lighting and colors
  8. Photo motion


 Antix android video editor is preferably for basic editing. This android editing app requires Android 4.3 or above. Create awesome shareable videos. Antix works with Android smartphones. 

Perfect for quickly creating videos of your action sports, adventures, holidays and all those amazing moments you capture ANTIX is completely free.

  1. Trim, flip and rearrange video clips
  2. Import multiple clips in one ago
  3. slow-motion effects
  4. preview your videos while editing
  5. add music tracks
  6. publish videos to Antix profile
  7. Volume equalizer
  8. Instant share to social media platforms 
Best Free Video Editor For Android